Advanced Sedation Dentistry Interview - Your pain-free, worry-free and fear-free solution to dental care.

- Dr. Len Futerman

In this interview, Dr. Futerman goes over everything you need to know about receiving pain-free, worry-free and fear-free dental care thanks to sedation dentistry.

Dr. Futerman is not only a Dentist but also an anesthesiologist so he possesses the training and skills to offer Advanced Sedation Dentistry for patients that require complex dental care or that have an extreme fear of the dentist.

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Fixed Hybrid Dentures Interview - A Permanent End to Uncomfortable Dentures with Fixed Hybrid Dentures

- Dr. Susan Maxwell

In this interview Dr. Maxwell goes over everything you need to know about Fixed Hybrid Dentures. She talks about the advantages of fixed hybrid dentures compared to traditional dentures. Some of the advantages include comfort, improved chewing and no longer having to worry about loose dentures.

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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD) - Migraines, Pain and Movement Disorders Interview

- Dr. Anthony B. Sims

In this interview Dr. Sims discusses TMJ disorder/dysfunction. The causes including micro/macro trauma, symptoms and possible misdiagnosis as well as other disorders associated with TMJD. He talks about why X-rays should not solely be used to diagnose TMJD, his thoughts on home remedies, treatment options and much more!

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Holistic Dentistry Interview - A Comprehensive Approach To Dental Care

- Dr. Eric Kempter

In this interview, Dr. Kempter explains the difference between holistic and traditional dentistry. He covers the approach holistic dentistry takes to hygiene, x-rays, safe mercury amalgam filling removal, and much more!

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