Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry Interview

- Dr. Maryam Horri

In this interview, Dr. Horri goes over the difference between Aesthetic reconstructive and cosmetic Dentistry, how aesthetic dentistry takes a holistic approach to your overall facial structure and much more!


Tye: Can you tell us about your journey in Dentistry? 

Dr. Horri: I went to dental school with the goal of becoming an orthodontist. I had personally experienced the huge impact proper teeth alignment had in my facial appearance and structural development. While undergoing my training at Tufts I was introduced to porcelain veneers for the very first time. This was mid-80s when veneers were only part of the post-doctoral prosthodontic curriculum, if at all.

I happened to be at the right place and time. The clinical instructor who was teaching the technique, took me under his wings and taught me what later became known as cosmetic dentistry. This was the 80s just when the wave of obsession with celebrities lifestyles and habits was beginning to permeate American media. After five years of practicing in Boston I moved to NYC which was the East Coast hub of cosmetics and plastics.

When I started my practice, I developed a following among patients who had been involved in accidents, domestic abuse, sports injury or just general crowding due to aging. They came to me because they were unhappy with bridge work or teeth that looked like piano key boards or did not want to go through old fashion orthodontics. They wanted to have their natural (pre-injury), youthful appearance or just the polished look of straight teeth and I was eager to work with the best in the industry to push boundaries. 

Tye: What is Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry?

Dr. Horri: It’s reconstruction of the entire face and reestablishing balance and aesthetics due to poor occlusion, crowding, trauma, injury or overall facial atrophy due to aging.

Tye: Who is Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry for?

Dr. Horri: Anyone with poor occlusion, anyone involved in any accident or injury that has caused loss of teeth, and anyone undergoing chronic stress which can manifest itself in a number of ways but most notably in loss of facial height and result in subsequent pressure and pain on TMJ and facial sagging. 

Tye: What type of dental issues does Aesthetic Dentistry treat?

Dr. Horri: Any type of facial imbalance caused by tooth loss, grinding, crowding or congenitally missing or defective dental structure.

Tye: What are some example procedures?

Dr. Horri: We use a range of treatment from aligners to ceramics and prosthetic gums to tissue fillers and muscle relaxers.

Tye: How long do the procedures take?

Dr. Horri: On average procedure takes about 6 months from the date of consultation to complete.

Tye: Do I need multiple visits for treatment?

Dr. Horri: Generally yes, but they are often planned out. Many of our patients come from Northern California, Canada and UK.

Tye: What types of patients do you see the most for Aesthetic Dentistry?

Dr. Horri: Predominantly injuries and age related dental and facial atrophy.

Tye: What are the differences between Aesthetic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dr. Horri: Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry takes a holistic approach to the overall facial structure. Cosmetic dentistry deals with improving appearance of individual teeth, areas of the mouth or overall smile.     

Tye: Who will benefit the most from Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry?

Dr. Horri: Our fans are patients who have been injured and have been living with sub par aesthetic results and feel that they don’t look like themselves any more. Same goes with patients who are not given full aesthetic options because that are considered "old".

Tye: What kinds of results are you able to achieve from Aesthetic Dentistry treatment on your patients?

Dr. Horri: I am perfectionist and I love solving difficult problems. So is my team! We get excited when something is challenging. So I would say we aim for perfection. 

Tye: What differences do your patients notice after treatment?

Dr. Horri: The ability to smile without hesitation and feel like themselves again.

Tye: Are Aesthetic Dentistry procedures covered by most of the insurance providers you work with?

Dr. Horri: Yes provided that they have unlimited coverage but very few people have that.

Tye: What is the best way to schedule a consultation with you?

Dr. Horri: We have a 24/7 booking desk which can be reached at (212) 586-0410. We also have an online booking platform the link to which can be found on

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